TIME FOR MORE PRIZES – “Follow” my blog to be entered!!!!

I am SO excited about this next batch of prizes I have for you! My brother told me about this A-MAZING kitchen store  in Lake Oswego called Sur La Table a few weeks ago.  I made the trek down this morning and was SO glad that I did.  It was fabulous! They had every little gizmo and gadget for cooking and baking.  My sweet little Henry (4 yrs old) was so patient as he walked each and every aisle with me about 10 times looking for the perfect prizes for my blogs.  I found so many so I am stoked for my next few give-aways.

Okay, here is what you need to do to be entered into this drawing – visit my blog and click on the “Follow” button in the right hand column.  You will be prompted for your email address.  Doing this will enable you to receive an email each time I post new recipes to my blog.  That’s it. Make sure you let all of your friends know.

So I know your thinking “blah blah blah, what am I going to win!?!” well, maybe not but I will tell you anyways 🙂

1- 9″ Pie Dish

1- 20 1/2 inch French Tapered Rolling Pin (the ones the pros use.  It gives you so much control when you are rolling out your doughs.  They are fabulous.)

1 – Pie Bird…say what? Don’t worry, I had never heard of it either.  Let’s ask Wikipedia 🙂

A pie bird, pie vent, pie whistle, pie funnel,[1] or pie chimney is a hollow ceramic device, originating in Europe, shaped like a funnel, chimney, or upstretched bird with open beak. Funnel-style steam vents have been placed in the center of fruit and meat pies during cooking since Victorian times; the bird shapes came a little later.[2]

Pie funnels were used to prevent pie filling from boiling up and leaking through the crust by allowing steam to escape from inside the pie. They also supported the pastry crust in the center of the pie, so that it did not sag in the middle, and are occasionally known as “crustholders”. Older ovens had more problems with uniform heating, and the pie bird prevented boilover in pie cooking.

The traditional inverted funnels with arches on the bottom for steam to enter were followed by ceramic birds, and from the 1940s they have been produced in a multitude of designs.[3] This trend has been particularly noticeable in recent times, due to their increasing popularity as gifts and collectors’ items rather than simply utilitarian kitchen tools.

The nursery rhyme “Sing a Song of Sixpence” refers to “Four and twenty blackbirds, baked in a pie; when the pie was opened, the birds began to sing” but it is uncertain whether pie vents were designed to look like birds because of this song. The Oxford English Dictionary comments that the word pie itself (in the culinary sense) may be connected with ‘pie’ as the name of a variety of birds, in particular the magpie, and also comments on a putative relationship between the similar terms haggis and haggess (another obsolete name for a magpie).

I am totally using one in my next pie! I had no idea they even existed.

Just so you know, the winner of these wonderful prizes will be determined by  a drawing.  I will put your names in a hat and have my 6-year-old draw out 1 name.  I will post the winner on Friday, February 24th around noon, PST. If you are the winner, you will be receiving an email with my email address in it so you can send me your shipping information.  Okay, so that is it.  Are you guys ready?………. SET….. GO!


2 comments on “TIME FOR MORE PRIZES – “Follow” my blog to be entered!!!!

  1. Enrights03@gmail.com says:

    What great fun!!!!! I look forward to looking every morning to see what’s new!!! Love ya

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