Spinach Salad

This salad is so tasty! You can make it as a side salad or add some chicken and have it as a main course.  It is such a tasty treat and for the most part, really healthy.


Spinach leaves.  It is also very good with Arugula, which is a spicy leaf lettuce or pretty much any kind of lettuce that suits your fancy.  I like spinach leaves because they are packed with vitamins and my boys love eating them and showing me how much their muscles have grown since the last bite. Just be sure to wash your lettuce or spinach well.

Ripe pears (slice right before serving since they brown quickly)

Candied pecans.  I make my own.  I tried a new recipe for this particular salad and wasn’t as crazy about them as my original recipe and it was about 10x more complicated. (I will include the old recipe below.)

Feta cheese crumbles


Ken’s Steak House Low Fat Raspberry-Walnut Vinegarette or your favorite vinegarette


I would recommend assembling each salad plate separately so you can make them pretty.  This is such a beautiful salad and it would be a shame to mix it all up in a bowl (plus the Craisins seem to always fall to the bottom).

Candied Pecans

Heat 1/4 cup sugar and 1 cup of nuts (I like pecans and almonds) in a stainless skillet over medium heat until the sugar starts to liquify. Stir until the nuts are completely covered in melted sugar.  Remove from heat and pour onto parchment paper or foil. Let cool completely before trying to separate. Speaking from experience, you do not want a burn from molten hot sugar.


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